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Meet The Byron
This steampunk Zappelin is the real deal! Baron von Munchhausen would be jealous and proud. A full solid metal frame equipped with a real size replica of [...]








Agency Pitch

We received a briefing from their agency and created a mobile Jack Daniel’s distillery, which matches every aspect of the briefing. Even though we came second in the Pitch and they choose the partners from last year this still gives a nice overview of the potential.

Jack Daniel’s Festival Tour | Pitch!
Boomerang Social Reggae Bar
Solar, DGTL and Magneet festival Boomerang Media (known for the famous freecards in bars) wanted an activation on Festivals in The Netherlands. And we [...]
Taragalte festival, Sahara, Marocco
Taragalte festival, Sahara, Marocco
De WildLasser live @ DGTL Festival 2015
De WildLasser live @ DGTL Festival 2015

De WildLasser! Live @ Magneetfestival 2015