Reef Shark | Armoured Animals series

May 11, 2021 -
Reef Shark | Armoured Animals series


This Reef Shark is copper plated and got a tag on for extra skills. Made to hang on a ceiling and let it drift through your designer room


This is a collaboration between Ronald <SprayArt> Duikersloot & Guy <RebzArt> Esmeijer. After the exhibition in the GoGallery in Amsterdam, this became a serie of art pieces.

These animals has been given armored plates, limbs or metal details. Species with customized limbs won’t be the invalid ones for much longer. They will be the ‘special’ ones with extra skills with their graffiti coat they are ready to operate in your designer home or office.

Material: Graffiti, copper, metal on a polyester based animal (materials varies per animal)