Atelier Rusty

This is the main workshop and is located in the Caribbean

Jobco Plaza 26, ColeBay, Sint Maarte

Atelier Rust ‘n Dust

The workshop is located on creative hub terrain ‘Bogota’

Haarlemmerstraatweg 79, 1165 MK, Halfweg Amsterdam 

Ronald Duikersloot | | +1721 5813226 or via WhatsApp 0031(0)6 19683125
Mike Wessling |
Guy Esmeijer | | Metal and installation art | Graffiti on demand
De WildLasser | A Burning live act!
IBAN:NL43 INGB 0004 8207 28 | BTW id. NL002086248B34 | KVK 34222931 Amsterdam

Ronald Duikersloot | Industrial Artist

In short…

Based in the Netherlands and work can be found international, much work is done co-operation with advertising agency’s, NGO’s, for the state, government or your local council. Work is mainly based on a briefing or common goal we like to achieve. However our shows are used by brand activations or fire performances on festivals and events. Sustainable elements and up-cycling is mostly practiced where possible. We support the Circulair economy every way we can.

Works can be found in Amsterdam, South Africa (Johannesburg / Soweto, Capetown, Afrikaburn), Caribbean (Aruba), Berlin, Cuba, Italy (Venice biennale), Marocco (Taragalte), New York (Seen expo), Spain (Ibiza, Tenerife), Sweden (Ironic Arts) and BurningMan (Black Rock Desert, Nevada).


Industrial Artist Ronald Duikersloot (1979) is a unique example of a versatile sustainable artist with a socio-critical worldview. He has a preference for ‘natural’ materials as in metal, wood… + graffiti. After finishing Graphic Art School, Amsterdam in 2000, he started working in advertising industry creating campaigns for NGO’s, cultural events and the so called ‘cool’ brands. At the same time his private works started out as the rebellious type and found the need to express through art due to extended world travels. In 2007 the first series had topics as worldwide propaganda, revolution and prejudice misunderstandings. This grew into a global movement called Graffiti Revolution where art and global graffiti murals were exhibited and exchanged to support the people in the Middle East through art. This project got several exhibitions + publications in 52 countries.

The Graffiti Revolution which now can be found on Facebook and will be published soon, became a visualization of the Arab Spring on murals. The project started offline in the streets during the Jasmin revolution in 2010 and froze online during the Syrian uprise (2012).

More info about Graffiti Revolution on

Sustainability and Awareness

In 2013 he went to South Afrika and evolved into a wider skilled artist. The AfrikaBurn festival and movie industry in CapeTown gave him a new form. He up-cycles metal and wood and builds ‘Mad MAX’ cars with hydraulics, pneumatics and pyro shows. He and his team at Atelier Rust n Dust creates impressive sculptures for events / rental and sometimes for sale.

“Something New in a circulair, sustainable manner”.


Art That Matters

After a mental breakdown in 2017 he summed up the projects that actually made impact and called Them Art That Matters. <Click-e-ti clack Here for more info>. This summs up Township projects like Soweto, Sahara pollution awareness, Amsterdam youth issues etc.. His latest focus is Project BioRocks! And is creating metal based coral reefs in the Caribbean.

Taragalte festival 2011, Sahara Morocco

Ronald Duikersloot by ©

His motto is: Rule # 1: “There are no rules!”

He’s shown his paintings and scrap metal robots on various exhibitions from Amsterdam, Italy, Cape Town, Sweden to Las Vegas. Mostly created in his studio AtelierRD in Haarlem and Ibiza.

Spray Art

This is were everything started with his company called Spray-Art, which was founded in 2005. This gave him the opportunity to create international wall paintings for foundations, charities and NGO’s by the name of Spray Art 4 Change. This also created a network of various graffiti artists in many different countries which can be included in commercial or non-commercial assignments.

Since 2007 projects are done for: Consulate of Istanbul (Turkey), MasterPeace, Dance4Life, Solidaridad, Naankuse (Namibie), Taragalte (Sahara, Marocco), Volkswagen, Bacardi, Havanas Rum, Ministry of infrastructure and environment, etc.

More info about Spray Art for Change:


Spray Art | De WildLasser | Atelier RD

Overview portfolio

Portfolio Highlights


The Garuda – a 6 meter high x 14 meter span width hydraulic ‘bird’ myth coming alive evoking your empathy- Festival Art Netherlands

Tree of Life – 8 meter high circulair tree, interior design for The Planetarium Amsterdam – Art designs for several office buildings – Amsterdam area

023 magazine – publication

Exhibition / Expo Wild & Free cola with RebzArt | Go Gallery

Full of Life Gym – Restyling interior with graffiti murals

ING – Instagram campaign

LaPlace – Rebranding multiple restaurants with graffiti stencil art

St Schone stad – Krijt graffiti op de grond voor het Stadhuis Nieuwegein – PressRecord Pr bureau

BurningMan 2018

AfrikaBurn 2016, 2017, 2018 – Themecamp Walhalla | Trippin’ into X

Bank 15 | Fok Up Nights

Beat The Box | Graffiti Gym Spaarnwoude

Burning Man NL | Where The Sheep Sleep | Art + Themecamp lead

Burning Sheep event | Schuberg Philis Burn workshop + Graffiti wall workshop

Diabetesfonds Amersfoort | Hoofdkantoor painting

Dopper | Metal works

E-Star / Sems World gym | Logo painting

EXPO Go Gallery, Amsterdam – Int. Street Art Heroes (jan – maart 2016)

Grand Theft Auto | Graffiti mural

Holland Casino Eindhoven | Live Painting 40 jarig Jubileum

Holland Casino Nijmegen | Live Painting Diamond member night

Gemeente Haarlem | HRLM Jazz 19 mt mural

Japanese Garden painting

Defensie | Ferzuz vlogger battle by Kiem Media

MAAK Signing

Makers Festival Enschede

Makers Fair Twente

Sounds Haarlem | Rolluik graffiti

Stichting Eigenwijs | 4 x schilderij op maat

Tanith Welness | yoga studio graffiti

Tommy’s Garage deel 2 | 30 x 8 mt graffiti mural New York Style

Tour On Music | graffiti Bus Asiel Zoeker Centra

Upper West Side | Verzamelpand trap graffiti

Volkswagen bus painting

Youwe Amsterdam | 3 x kantoor schildering


5 Spices Lounge – theater voorstelling

5 Spices mural – Live painting interaction dream confessions

48 HR Movie Project – Burning Man Camp chaos

Knderspeeltuin graffiti mural – voor Juice by burgemeester van der Laan

AfrikaBurn 2015 – Themecamp Dusty Dutchies

Kinderkamer – Blue bolide

Boomerang Media – Boomerang Online tool (NEW media)

BMW Sayar

Dance 4 Life – new office

DE WILDLASSER – DGTL 2015 – Kevin voor Desparados (Heineken) + foto’s

DE WILDLASSER – BabyBurn @ Noorderlicht

DE WILDLASSER – Magneet festival 2015 – meet Kevin

DE WILDLASSER – Dutch Decom 2015 – meet Falkor the dragon beer dispenser

Diabetesfonds part1 – The office

Diabetesfonds part 2 – The hall

Dutch Design Week – Live Recycle installation Bank 15 i.s.m. Van Ganzewinkel

Kinderkamer Zandkasteel

EXPO Amsterdam Street Art (ASA) – Heart for Art Amsterdam

EXPO Kunstkelder – jan/feb upcycled TOYBOTS + Canvas

Nederland Schoon – exPRtease Supportershome bouwen (Klaas Jan Huntelaar)

Nederland Schoon – Presentatie kistjes t.b.v. TV commercial

Kinderkamer Jaimy

Jason Bradley Ajax tafel

Kinderkamer part 2 – LEGO Marvel

Nelson Mandela huisje – Amsterdam Ilco van der Linde

Olympisch Team – Graffiti workshop voor RIO met het Olympisch team (ROEST)

Kinderkamer Robbie 2x

JohannesBurg Soweto, Zuid Afrika – Township Statement Loadshedding

Star Wars mural deel2

Theater Amsterdam – Anne in Mensen t.b.v. Telegraaf TV

Tommys Garage Part 1 – 25 mt mural

Tommys Garage Part 2 – Logo on canvas

Tommys Garage Part 3 – The Mancave

Wie Maakt Haarlem – Netwerk meeting Patronaat (Ambtenaren + creatieven)

Youwe Rotterdam – 5 x murals new office


Festival Live On Stage – Apenkooi events – Livepainting

Beach Shack Ibiza

DE WILDLASSER – Apenkooi events – DGTL 2014 NDSM

DE WILDLASSER – Landjuweel 2014 – Ruigoord

DE WILDLASSER – Magneetfestival 2014

DE WILDLASSER – Tribes festival – Ruigoord

Dutch Decom 2014 festival – St Burning Man Netherlands

E Star Sports – sportschool mural

EXPO Galerie Gemund – solo expo upcycled ToyBots (okt-nov)

3-Luik Ginger part2

Global Reggae Bar Ibiza part3

Hidden Bar Ibiza – Midgetgolf track

Eivissa dio No! – Oil Turtle Ibiza

Sacred Freedom – painting on canvas Italy

Jim Morrissen – painting on canvas

Kwart voor Half – Cita Club CCA

Marvel Thor mural – Linda

Masterpeace Be A Nelson

Masterpeace Dalai Lama – Backstage Hotel Amsterdam

Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu – N=5 – Fietsmodus aan campagne

On The Beach cafe Ibiza

Reggae Boats Ibiza

Angry Birds – kinderkamer Rosa

Cars – kinderkamer Rosa

Wisdom lyrics – slaapkamer Rosa

Galerie Gemund – Solo Expositie

Discotheek Space – El Row Barcelona / Ibiza

Toyota Yaris – Surf and Snow


AfrikaBurn 2013

Australian Backpackers part 4 – camperbus

Big J part2 – Army Room

Big J part3 – Usual suspects

Boomerang Casa garage part3 – KMDG

Boomerang festival tour Social Reggae Bar – SOLAR/Magneet/DGTL

Radio Decibel – Boring Office Contest – CoolCat Kalverstraat

Bureau Buhr – Mohammed Ali painting

Ma Kikkertjes

Mickey Sorcerer Kinderkamer

Natural mural – Olaf

Viva la Vida – guerrilla Olaf

Old Man – Spray Art vs Styletrip

EXPO Scope – Year in review New York (maart)

EXPO Kunstenaars NoordHolland (KNH) – ONRUST (juli)

EXPO Kunstenaars NoordHolland (KNH) – Unbekannt (febr – maart)

Pepsi van – Styletrip

Pre Wonen – Winkelcentrum mural

Pre Wonen – Moestuin Parkwijk Haarlem

Spray Art 4 Change – European funding

Syria Travel

Tenerife Ali A Oli

Tenerife Surf n painting


Actief Talent – mozaiek in diverse steden

AG event – 100 man graffiti tbv Graffiti Revolution

Baby bord Levi

Baby bord Tijmen

BikePlanet part 2

Boomerang Casa garage part2 – GameKings

Global Reggae Bar Ibiza part1

Global Reggae Bar Ibiza part2

EXPO Groenmarkt Kerk – Graffiti Revolution Arab Spring (maart – juni)


GoLarge – homedesign schetsen

Groupon – Anaisa baby sign

Groupon – Skyline

Groupon – Nemo kinderkamer

Groupon – Marvel superhero’s

Groupon – Princes kinderkamer

Groupon – Love Life painting

Groupon – Big J part1

Groupon – Zebra painting

Groupon – CherryBlossom painting praktijk ruimte

Groupon – Star Wars mural

Groupon – Landkaart mural

Groupon – Yke signboard

Bacardi Restaurant Baut – Kwart voor half

LiteSide 2012 – Mediaplan schrijven

Premio Arte Laguna – Biennale Venetie expositie

Sziget festival bus

Tai Ki Kenpo painting

Ting Tong mural

Vischkraam Balk Spaarne Haarlem


Graffiti Revolution – Art project Arabische Lente in beeld

Australian Backpackers part3

Bevrijdingspop 2011

Bikeplanet winkelpand

Boomerang Casa Garage part I

Club 8 expositie

Creatieve industrie Haarlem

De Bock Maritiem – 4 verdiepingen cargo schip

Radio Decibel office

Restaurant Edel Amsterdam terras – Havana Club rum

EXPO Edelwise – Amsterdam (april 2011)

EXPO Club 8 – Mooi west is niet lelijk, Amsterdam (juni 2011)

EXPO Storm Revolutie Droogte (KNH) – Graffiti Revolution (aug-okt 2011)

EXPO Pop-up galerie (KNH) – Rauw en Uncut (nov-dec 2011)GoLarge auto

GoLarge kantoor

Carre – Holland Festival – musical Fela kuti

KRO RKK – kerststal

Liteside 2011 – Power to the Streets part 1

Liteside 2011 – Power to the Streets part 2

Masterpeace office

Namibie Naankuse – WildLife orphenage

Olaf – wall of wisdom

St Opkikker Centerparcs

Taragalte 2011 – Sahara, Marocco


Workshop Geuzenveld – 80 kids summerschool


Bevrijdingspop 2010

Billabong Beach tent / Barlife Magazine

Boomerang Casa 5th floor

Boomerang Casa 6th Floor

Boomerang SurfShack

Dance 4 Life | Refresh the office

Consultaat Staten Generaal van Istanbul, Turkije mirrordebat embassade

David Sarajejo

Dicks Badkamers

Australian Backpackers part1

Australian Backpackers part2

Kinderbord FOS

Fred Bodybuild

Garage Blitz!

Graffiti kinderkamer Mike


Groovy Room

Homie NLC

Graffiti workshop Jim en Sanne

Leidse buurt project Selma Kok

Linda in memoriam 11 oktober ‘09

LiteSide 2010

Marcella van Altena Dansschool

Mega Mindy

Mick portret

Micks Junglehut

Miss Green bakfiets

NL magazine spread

Studio Quazar

Ragna livingroom

Restaurant Fifteen

Robin 30

Rode Kruis street art+ veiling

SAIL 2010




Strandtent de Oerkap 3FM

Grandcafe Storing expo april

Grandcafe Storing expo juni

The Art Tree expositie

Truck van Santen

Urban Action festival NDSM werf

Wishbone livingroom

Wereldkeuken – john en Sofie

Zaanse Gym sportschool

EXPO AtelierRD meets G-funck – Grand opening (nov 2010)

EXPO pop-up expo Anti-Kraak, Spuitstraat Amsterdam (nov 2007 – aug 2008)