The Garuda!
With great pride our most complex item has spread his wings and now it’s time to fly! Master artist / engineer Matthias Vijverman [...]
Burningman NL | The Sheep 2019
As Art and Dreamcamplead of Burningman NL me and my crew had the pleasure of designing and building the MAN burn. Quite the honor and a privilege. Plus via [...]
Graffiti Campers
Graffiti Campers
100% Circulair design Wat begon als kunst op locatie i.s.m. interieur designer Juan Nibbelink (Werkterrein) is nu uitgegroeid tot volwaardig eigen product. [...]
The Tree of Life
Project: Planetarium Meeting Center Amsterdam Interior design by: Client: DC Klinieken De Drie Notenbomen Aftermovie: BeemFlights Music: [...]
Armoured Animals | art sculptures
Preserve the wild and the free! Our animals are mostly endangered, therefor we honor them by armouring them to withstand resistance. Photos shot at [...]
Meet The Byron
This steampunk Zappelin is the real deal! Baron von Munchhausen would be jealous and proud. A full solid metal frame equipped with a real size replica of [...]
Meet Fenrir a.k.a. Wolfie
Based on the Norwegian myth Fenrir is the son of Loki w made for a well known TV production company called STUK TV / Talpa. They made a series called [...]
Meet Rocky!
Meet Rocky!
Opening Club Cue
Opening Club Cue