Art that Matters

Over the many years as an artist I’ve been painting and constructing over 30 projects per year in many interesting countries since 2005. But there only that rare few that has a certain meaning, a greater cause to ‘m.

I like to call those projects ART THAT MATTERS <images will come soon> :

2006 |First series: Propaganda, Revolution and prejudice misunderstanding

2007 |Istanbul, Turkey. State General and Dutch embassy, mirror debat

2010 – 2012 | Graffiti Revolution – exchanging mural art with Middle East during the Jasmin Revolution and Arab Spring | <very special project, more info soon>

2011 | Sahara, Marocco – Taragalte, meeting place in the dessert

2013 – 2019 | Afrikaburn

2016 | Soweto, Joburg, South Africa – Spray Art 4 Change, Political statement against Zuma in the Township of Nelson Mandela

2016 | Amsterdam, Netherlands- Power to the Streets / Liteside, Social project collaboration with Sacred Graffiti Mohammed Ali (UK) in 4 suburbs of Amsterdam.

2017 | Go Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands – Tramp Tower, graffiti bombing the Trump Tower replica with over 100 graffiti artists during his inauguration.