MAX @ Eindhoven Makers Faire 2017

September 11, 2017 - De WildLasser!
MAX @ Eindhoven Makers Faire 2017

We brought our MAX truck to the crazy car parade at the Eindhoven Makers Faire 2017 and we connected with the makers of Sectie C. They build a big Steampunk rocket to send your wishes to the moon! We hooked it on to Max and decided to drive around town in a crazy car parade. Accompanied by a Jet Engine bike by Ivo Schoofs, The Party boat, beer engine, bumper car etc etc.

With big flamethrowers coming from our speakers and a sound system with Kraftwerk coming from the Rocket we stole the show and presented a nice piece of machinery to help and inspire others to start building for the fun of it or better yet for a higher sustainable cause.


photo credits: Gewoon Eus (incl watermark)