Tramp Tower | Art Project

January 16, 2017 - Duikersloot (Private works)
Tramp Tower | Art Project

Tramp Tower,

This solid heavy chunk of aluminum is shaped like the official Trump Tower. The ‘over-the-top’ golden interieur is the place where Donald Trump runs his office and also is the place of many resistance. Presented on a HQ black granite pedestal this shiny iconic piece is meant to open discussions for the Netherlands with our elections on its way. Do you really want the right wing to rise up? Why do people vote more nationalistic? What are you afraid of or what makes you so angry?┬áServed with a provocative press release and PR Stunt on the Prinsengracht 64 during the exhibition at the GoGallery in Amsterdam (20th Jan till end of March 2017)

The tulip is a reference to the art history of the 17th century where many Dutch painters used symbols like this and represents the transience. It will all pass…