AfrikaBurn 2017 | PLAY!

January 13, 2017 - Burns!
AfrikaBurn 2017 | PLAY!

Themecamp Walhalla

Memories in the making! This epic episode will be remembered as MAGIC. We created magic on the playa so much that the next step would be farting sparkles and sunshine! We had a little bit of everything; Rain (burst), Wind (storm), Dust (plenty) and a lot of sunshine and strangely enough even warmer nights this year.

This year we pointed out extra that we are a participation camp and it worked like a charm. Everybody did what comes easy for him or her and with 43 people devided in an overland truck + 10 extra cars everything is easy with a little effort.

We brought to the festival:

The Big Baby Viking: a wooden sculpture with projection that talks dirty to the crowd and went to Hell for doing just that, the beautiful basterd!

The DIY Party Button: With a sign PUSH FOR MAGIC, a 30 sec party starts until the next person continues the party. A playlist or DJ set-up packed with all your guilty pleasures, stuffed up with a bit of Ska and dirty beats to spice thingz up it was a direct hit!

Township TeddyBears: Our themecamp was filled with fluffy, adorable, cute teddy bears with a note: Take me along during this event. Bring me back at the end and I will go the kids in the nearest Townships. Big hugs!

The Boutique: Our clothing boutique is a free exchange rack with most fancy dresses and tutu’s of highest class! This is free for you to shop in but we wold appreciate if you leave something that you are wearing in return. Baie Lekker, Baie Welcome!

Enjoy the pixels!

Ps. We start planning in October every year, spaces in camp are limited, we expect participation and will talk about that during bon fire in our Atelier Rust ‘n’ Dust in Haarlem, NL. 

Photocredits: AfrikaBurn, Jonx Pillemer, Camp members of Walhalla