AfrikaBurn 2016 | X

January 13, 2017 - Burns!
AfrikaBurn 2016 | X

Trippin’ into X

This was the 10th edition of AfrikaBurn with the matching theme symbol X, which can off course be interpreted in many different ways. We (me and Sistah Sel) arrange the basics of this wonderful camp, people can join our camp until we decide that it’s full. We arrange meetings in my studio in Haarlem, Netherlands to see what the melting pot brought us in terms of skills people have and to explain the 11 principles (or 10 at BurningMan) that create the playa magic. From there on we start creating and doing the logistics part of it all. This was also the year we changed the name to Walhalla which became legendary in no time. Our camp created:

The Ring of Fire | We mounted flamethrowers on the full Binnekring circle poles (500 mt wide). Remote controlled the flame so we can shoot flames in a 360 degrees wide view. Hot stuff!

The Oracle | A ‘hologram’ projection on a dreamcatcher where the weirdest fortune tellers will appear. They can be asked life changing questions but be careful what you ask you may not like the outcome…

The Boutique | A simple but effective clothing exchange shop with mirror to make sure that you can shine! But beware of the official fashion police when you walk by, she just might grab you by the balls and you won’t be leaving without a fashionable tutu!

Early bird strong coffee shot | When you’re lucky she will give you a strong coffee shot in the¬†morning to keep you going!¬†

And many more little stuff that was created on the spot. One of my own highlights must have been to help out with Lizzy the T-Rex in Egons crew <here’s a little film of the T-Rex in action>