AfrikaBurn 2015 | The Gift

January 13, 2017 - Burns!
AfrikaBurn 2015 | The Gift

Two years ago I became the Captain of AfrikaBurn and met so many amazing people. I painted over a dozen art cars and got to know the organization and the veterans of the event very well. I fell straight in the core so it felt.

Themecamp Walhalla!

This created the possibility to set-up our own camp. Together with Sistah Sel (Selma v Wolveren | African Backpackers). We created the magical Themecamp the Dusty Dutchies (which later became Camp Walhalla). Together we cover the basics for an amazing participation camp, learn the principles to the newbies and have meetings prior to depart. Here we decide what to build with the knowledge and skills the veteran and virgin burners bring to the floor. This creates a 10-day trip which will surpass most expectations, a rollercoaster of emotions and for some even life changing discisions will be made, truly heavenly!