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All works on this website are projects made and operated from the studio Atelier Rust ‘n Dust, Amsterdam. These are custom made builds for real estate interior designers, architects, festivals / BurningMan events or art pieces already sold or open for rental.

All rights reserved by Ronald Duikersloot | Industrial Artist


<< Note: These pixels has been 100% Recycled since 2007 >>

© TK Photography
ZAPP, steampunk zeppelin, chill out corner, festivals, dockyard, mystic garden
SPRAY ART Ronald Duikersloot
Ganesha, ganpati, 3D, graffiti, illusion, mural
Olympic graffiti Sven Kramer, Ranomi Kromowidjojo, Dafne Schippers, Johan Cruijff, portraits, painting, Full of Life
big baby viking Afrikaburn 2017
Graffiti part of mancave mural greasy knuckles by Ronald Duikersloot for Tony Dice
wasteland curator
Highland Park whiskey brand activation

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