We support the Circulair Economy and use materials often regarded as waste. We work with concepts and creations on demand. Some are exclusively build, others can be rented out afterwards, now we have some cool pieces for rent.

This page shows you what can be rented for your festival, event, brand activation or just for your own guilty pleasure.


Meet Fenrir

Based on the Norwegian myth Fenrir is the son of Loki made for a well known TV production company called STUK TV / Talpa. They made a series called ‘Wolvenjacht’ and now this flame spitting short tempered yet adorable Wolf is available for rent. Including 9 little flame torches on a 1.50 mt foot this will make a lovely setting on every event.

Meet Byron

Meet The Byron | A steampunk zappelin build to host the best Top DJ’s. With many extra’s like an official replica canon for CO2 effects, 4 meter special designed old map DJ panel, Naughty corner underneath with velvet pillows and champagne etc etc Check this out! Ask for inquiries:

Meet ZAPP!

A steampunk Zappelin flown in from the past. Founded by Atelier Rust ‘n Dust and made into a Chill out corner for festivals. Made out of an old little ‘Jol’ boat, completely refurbished and decorated with steampunk features. Packed with hidden functions for the curious that look for treasure. Make sure you’ll find our hidden Champagne cabinet + light functions that will automate the color of your mood inside and outside of the Balloon + the gas throttle will hit the smoke machine hidden underneath the driver seat that burst smoke from the back!

Enjoy the Ride!

Meet Rocky!

Rocky is an electric steampunked wheelchair. Made to fit for all your classy needs and comforts: A relaxing fauteuille with leather Chesterfield studs, a ‘bakkie’ to put serve your beverages from or do you sales thing, a remote control to cruise you all around fancy town and of course a Cognac cupholder. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Meet MAX!

A ‘Mad Maxx’ed’ Russian Army Truck. To be used for shows, sounds stage for DJ’s or a podia for dancers. Comes with a fog horn, 5 mt flamethrowers and can be equipped with smoke machines and /or Co2 canons. The platform can be used for pretty much anything so personal interests..? Please just fire at will!

Meet Rusty!

A ‘Mad Maxx’ed’ Beetle, an absolute eye-catcher. Comes with horn, flamethrower, propane canon, BBQ / Firepit or different stuff on request. Challenge us, please!

Kevin, the container entertainer

Proudly hand raised by Mike Wessling this is a showkiller! Kevin is a 10 ft container that hydraulically unfolds to a stunning 9 meter high robot. Once transformed it shoots 5 meter flames from his hands. Optionally we can put a sound system in or have special visuals projected on the man. Check this out!

Silent Bob

Meet Silent Bob…………..

The Fire Woofie (NL)

This basically is a 12 meter flame thrower however when weather conditioned suits this puppy shoots black donut rings in the sky! Check this out!


This is made by our friends in South Africa and the root of our own legacy. Note that these items can be shipped into Europe.

Meet Buggalux!

Build and raised from the ashes by Charl Bothma owner of Studio Chyma in Capetown, South-Africa + Tony van Heerden and spraypainted by Ronald Duikersloot owner of / Atelier Rust ‘n Dust. Every year we team up at AfrikaBurn event in the Karoo desert and YESSS! We can ship this car to The Netherlands for a show or event.

Meet The Death Ride

Build and designed by Luke Atkinson, a pyro technicus supported by Mr. Rex. This heavy piece of machinery is equipped with a parafine gun, airgun and water gun. Stationed in CapeTown and also possible to ship to Europe #just saying…

The Fire Woofers a.k.a. Smoke Donuts

Created by the beautiful distorted mind of Luke Atkinson. This metal piece shoots a petrol flame of approx. 15 meters and creates a giant smoke donut in the air. Also stationed in South Africa but watch out for this one because we made a copy in The Netherlands…

The Pendulum

This 12 meter arm will swing a circle of 24 meter round. It creates a suspense build up until it reaches a full swing. Packed with smoke or Fire coals the effect is mesmerizing.

All credits go to Luke Atkinson.

< more info soon mate, jeez! Take it easy…>